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2014 One-Design Yearbook

North Sails One Design

A collection of winning tips and triumphs!

The 2013 sailing season was great for one-design sailing in the United States, with American sailors winning a bunch of world championships including the Star, J/22, J/24, Lightning, Penguin, Etchells, Melges 24 and Moth!

Many one-design classes had huge turnouts at their championships. The Thistle Class, for example, attracted 109 boats to its 68th nationals in Ohio! The J/70 Class celebrated its one-year anniversary with 90 boats at its first North Americans. The rapid growth of this one-design sportboat was evident when the event reached its maximum quota within hours after the opening of online registration!

The year 2013 was also outstanding for North one-design sails. In a wide range of classes, from the Opti and MC Scow to the Etchells and Melges 20, sailors using our mains, jibs and spinnakers won a huge number of world, national and local regattas. Thanks to you, the past year may have been our most rewarding ever!

That’s one reason why we decided to publish this 2014 One-Design Yearbook. In the following pages, we talk with a number of last year’s champions about what made them so successful. These top one-design sailors focus on practical approaches to the problems we all encounter when preparing for and racing big events. I hope these winning tips will be helpful no matter what class you sail.

This Yearbook also includes an inside look at the North software package (North Design Suite) that helps us design, test and produce consistently fast sails. Finally, the back cover has a tribute to the recent successes of our customers and a great photo of American Bora Gulari flying to victory at the 2013 Moth Worlds!

The unique success of North Sails One Design goes back at least 30 years when our Board of Directors had the foresight to spin off the one-design part of the company into its own business. Ever since, our group has focused 100% on sails for one-design classes. Our management and sales staff are all one-design sailors who actively race and provide expertise for the many classes we support. Our designers do far more sail testing and development than any other sailmaker. As a result we’ve earned a reputation as ‘the’ sailmaker for serious one-design sailors.

I invite you to read the rest of this Yearbook and to check out our website at Hopefully you’ll learn a few things to help sail your boat faster and smarter during 2014!

Vince Brun, President of North Sails One Design

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