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C Scow Springfield Tune Up

Report by Andy Burdick

Don't Trust the Weather Forecast!

Island Bay Yacht Club hosted their annual Spring Tune Up Championship for the National C Scow Fleet. Hayden Davis always promises fun and Free Beer. He delivered again this year as IBYC put on a great show for those in attendance. Some did not make the trek because they trusted the weather man. Early predictions for lots of rain, lots of wind and cold temperatures. Instead we had sailing!

Saturday started out with rain but ended with 3 great races! Wind conditions were in the 10-15 range. Maybe a few puffs a bit higher but all in all, great racing! We saw all sorts of leaders in these three races. Glen McMurray, Don Allebach and Jim Gluek all brand new boats out of the Zenda Speed Shop = Melges. Justin Schaub was in there too as was Andy Burdick and his youthful sailing team. At the end of each race though - Jim Gluek was tough. He and his crew of Tom Fritz won every race in style.

The steak dinner at the IBYC along with the famous Hayden Davis Raffle brought in the crowds! The club was packed with the C fleet along with other members. The IBYC group does a great job of preparing a very nice dinner along with entertainment! Please put this regatta on your calendar for 2016. It is a lot of fun and a perfect tune up venue for the season. Plan on it for 2016!

Sunday's sailing was even better. Beautiful sunshine, 60 degrees and shifty N-NE winds in the range of 8-14. Perfect spring sailing on Lake Springfield The Burdick racing team won the first race of the day with Glen McMurray winning race #2. Awards to the top 5, an official crew ranking list for 2015 was passed around and talk of strong regatta attendance throughout the season was discussed. Sounds like a strong year of C boat sailing. Let's Go!

Don't watch the weather forecast! Go to these fun Spring Championships and Go Sailing!

Top 5

1. V-137 Jim Gluek and Tom Fritz - Pewaukee Yacht Club
2. I-45 Andy Burdick, Mya Burdick, Finn Burdick - Lake Geneva Yacht Club
3. T-17 Justin Schaub and Joe Schaub - Maxinkuckee Yacht Club
4. I-12 Bruce Cameron - Lake Geneva Yacht Club
5. LD-100 Don Allebach and LInda Allebach - Lake Davenport Yacht Club