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Finn New Xi Sails

Report by Paul Hobson, North One Design UK

North Launches New Fabrinc Range


At the beginning of this year we saw the launch of the new North Xi Finn sails, a range of designs that covers the full spectrum of Finn sailors ranging from 85-100+ kilos. This range has proved to be one of our most popular ever, not only commanding great results but high praise and feedback from sailors around the globe.

The Xi-2 is by far the most popular design within the range, as it covers the most common Finn sailors weight, however all other Xi sails have been performing equally as well within their specific tailored weight ranges. 

Design Weight (Kg)
Xi-1 100+
Xi-2 93-99
Xi-3 88-92
Xi-4 88-

To further improve on these designs we have been working hard over the last 7 months developing a new range of fabrics that will provide better performance and greater cross overs as you go up and down the wind scale.

Our goal was to produce lighter, stronger more durable fabrics with more regular steps showing a steady increase of weight and strength to match increasing wind conditions. Impressively something that the design and production teams at North Cloth have managed to achieve.

Throughout the season the North One Design European team has been working with Luca Devoti and his Dinghy academy team testing sails down at their Valencia base. Having 12-20 Finns out at any time in conditions ranging from 5-20 knots has been invaluable for this development process, getting quality feedback from Olympic sailors from all over the world.

Now that we have completed the final testing of the full range of fabrics we are delighted to launch this new fabric range.

Below you can see the new cloths' specifications and which fabrics will be used with which models. As you can see the DPI (Denier) and film thickness increases from light to all-purpose and to Heavy.

The design shape of the Xi-2 in the lightest cloth has been proving to be very successful in light – medium winds and although it's lighter than the standard Poly sails it is a lot stronger and goes well up the wind range giving that all important cross over from sail to sail.


As always, we continue to supply all North models upon request as everyone has their old favorites! However the above models and materials are our recommendations. 

For more information on the new Xi designs, please contact our North American Finn expert Skip Dieball (419) 392-4411, or our UK based Paul Hobson who leads the North Finn development worldwide.