Nationals 1,2
ABYC Turkey Day 1

"I used a North main and a North jib in the 2004 Fleet 13 championships. We just about won every race... a couple by over 2 minutes on 2nd place boats". Colin Jackson

CAL 20

15% Savings on all Cal 20 sails ordered with full payment by 12/1/2014. Restrictions apply.

AP Mainsail

1,2 at the 2014 Nationals!!!

The North AP Mainsail has been perfected in the light airs of Southern California. The body of this sail is made from 4.75 oz. Dacron that is relatively soft to allow the sail to take a smooth shape in light air and keep that smooth shape when the breeze is up.

The head and the clew of the AP Mainsail are built of NYT fabric to reduce stretch.

Mainsails include:
  • Shelf foot
  • Battens
  • Sail numbers
  • Cal 20 insignia
  • Sail bag

MW-1 All Purpose Jib

1,2 at the 2014 Nationals!!!

The MW-1 is very powerful and easy to set up and steer to. The forgiving shape of the MW-1 makes it fast in all conditions and sea states. We have found that the Cal 20 is usually underpowered and that its round bottom causes it to get pushed around by waves of almost any size. The MW-1 is designed with these factors in mind and will help you take your 20 sailing to the next level.

The MW-1 comes complete with:
  • Sewn in leech battens
  • Extra large vision window
  • Telltales on luff and leech
  • Roll bag.
  • Clew blocks are available on the clew for a small extra charge.

Full Radial Spinnakers

1,2 at the 2014 Nationals!!!

North offers the Full Radial Spinnaker made out of two different sail cloths:

  • Full Radial .75 oz. Spinnaker
  • Full Radial AirX 600 Spinnaker

    >> Contact the Cal 20 Experts for additional information and questions about our products.

Tuning your Cal 20 for Speed

>> Download the North Cal 20 Tuning Guide

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