North Mutineer Mainsail

The North Mutineer mainsail is designed specifically to fit the relatively stiff mast of the Mutineer. It is flatter down low to help keep the slide open between the main and the jib.It carries most of its power up high where it is most easy to de-power in a breeze

The North Mutineer Main is built out of 3.8 coated fabric and includes:

  • Cunningham
  • Shelf foot
  • Sail numbers
  • Tapered battens
  • Mutineer insignia
  • Leech telltales
  • Sail bag

North Mutineer Dacron Jib

The North Mutineer Dacron Jib is relatively full in the front, what makes the jib very powerful and easy to steer. The North Mutineer Dacron Jib is built out of 225 MT fabric. It can be built for either a wire luff jib (which we strongly suggest) or for the older tube style luff. If you have questions on how to switch your boat to a wire luff jib, do not hesitate to call us.

Jib includes:

  • Window
  • Telltales
  • Sail bag

North Mutineer Mylar  Jib

The Mutineer Mylar Jib is also built with a relatively full entry, which aids in easier steering and a more powerful profile. The Mylar Jib is one of the most durable jibs available for the Mutineer sailor.

Because of the relatively firm Mylar fabric, the Mylar jib should excel in medium to heavy breezes but perhaps be more sheet sensitive and require more constant trim in medium to light winds.

This jib can only be built for the wire luff.

Jib includes:
  • Window
  • Telltales
  • Sail bag

North FR-1M Full Radial Spinnaker

The FR-1M Spinnaker is a new full radial design for the Mutineer Class. The radial head top is extremely helpful in maintaining the durability necessary to be pulled in and out of the launcher tube.

It is a powerful spinnaker with relatively open upper leeches which help project the shoulders when sailing downwind. The radial design also helps to increase the durability in a breeze over several seasons of sailing.

To order or for additional questions about our products, contact the Mutineer Experts.

Contact the Mutineer experts:

Brian Hayes
(203) 783-4238 Work
(203) 877-6942 Fax 
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