Pâques Ligua Race 2,3 & 2 Girl
Pâques Ligua Race Benjamin 2
Brittany Champs 2 & 1 Girl
Spanish Champs 3 Overall
Spanish Champs Girls u13s 1,3
Lake Garda Easter Regatta 2 Cadet Div
Villamoura World Test Event 2,3
Troféu Duarte Bello/IV Troféu Almada 1,3
CIP Marsellies, Benjamin fleet 2,3
CIP Marsellies, Minims fleet 1 Girl
Liros Nordic Race, Sweden 1


Munster Champs Junior 1,2
41º Torneio de Vilamoura de Vela do Carnaval
Portuguese Regionals:
3ª PAR Centro 2
4ª PAR Norte 2
3ª PAR Madeira 2,3
3ª PAR Sul 1
French Inter Ligue S, Maugio Carnon
3 Benjamin
3 Minime
French Inter Ligue N, St Quay Potriuex
1,2 Benjamin
Spanish Cup
Spanish Champs
Czech Nationals Girls 1
Czech Nationals Young Girls 1
Int'l Meeting, Vigo 1


World Championship
1 Girl (4 Overall)
Spanish Champs
German Nationals
Czech Nationals
1,2 (1 Girl)
VII Int'l Trophy
1,2 Male
VII Int'l Trophy 1 Female
Palamos Regatta 1
French Ligue One 1,3
French Ligue Hyeres 3
Schoelcher Week Minimes 1,3
Benjamin 1,3
Spanish Cup 1 Girl (2,3 Overall)
Liros Nordic Race 1
Norwegian Cup 3


US Nationals
Midwinters 1
Ireland Nationals 1
Spain Nationals Girls 1
Spain Nationals Boys 1
Great Lake Champs 1
Int'l French Cup 1,2,4,5
European Champs 1
SE Dinghy Champs 1,2,3
Marco Rizzotti Team Race 1
Palamos Trophy


US Nationals
US Team Race Nationals 1
US Team Trials  1
New Englands 1
Valentine's Day Regatta 1
Trofeo Marcelo Campobasso 1
Baleares - Boys  1
Baleares - Girls 1
Finland Nationals  1
Austrian Nationals  1
Hungarian Nationals  1
Slovak Nationals  1
Czech Nationals  1
New Caledonia Nationals  1


North Americans  1,2
Nationals Team Race  1
US Olympic Regatta  1,2,3
Valentine's Day  1,3,4
NZ N. Island Champs
Naples Cup - Boys   1
Naples Cup - Girls  1
Flanders Regatta  1,2,3
Gulf Coast Champs  1
3rd Int'l Trophy  1

Recent News
Zeke Horowitz joins the North Sails Chesapeake Team

When are "wrinkles" fast?

How do you tell the "fast" wrinkles from the "slow" ones?

Optimist Summer Boost Promotion

Save up to 20%!

Light Air Gybe Step-by-Step

Mike Ingham Joins North Sails

After more than 10 years of consulting with the world’s leading sailmaker, Ingham takes role as one design specialist

Zeke Horowitz Joins North Sails

Champion sailor joins North Sails One Design sales team based in Milford, CT

Opti Gallery
Optimist Spanish National Champ
Aina Colom, 2014 Spanish National Champion and 4th at the Worlds, powered by North P4!
© Pep Portas
Ireland Nationals
Harry Durcan, 2013 Ireland National Champion. Powered by North DZero6!
2013 Optimist Great Lakes Championship
Congratulations Ian Moran USA 18578!
Optimist USODA National Champion
Congratulations Luke Ingalls, #1 at the Nationals powered by North P4!
© David Hein
Holland Easter Regatta
Stijn Paardekooper powered by North D Zero 6
2012 Optimist European Champion
13 year old Stijn Paardekooper, 2012 European Optimist Champion using his North Sails Dzero6 sail.
2012 SE Dinghy Champs
Liza Toppa, Nico Shultz and Alie Toppa
© Viviana Vega
Team Blue Clinic
Royal Cork YC - Ireland
Team BLUE Clinic Ireland
Thank you for your participation! Great 4-day clinic with North Team Blue Head Coach Juan Carlos Romero
Optimist Team FOR Invitational
Congrats Sophia Reineke
© Eric Bardes - Team FOR


Ever since North Sails One Design started making sails our goal has been to make the fastest sails for any type of boat. The International Optimist Dinghy Class has always been one of our main focus points as these sailors are the one’s that we will be the future of our sport.

North Sails offers different designs based on the sailor's weight and predominant wind conditions.

Cross Cut Designs are a very forgiving cut that allows the sail to flex and twist easily without a major alteration in trim. These are great for sailors that sail in puffy conditions or that prefer not to adjust their sail as much. The Radial Designs are great for sailors who prefer a very active trim style. They are designed to hold their optimal shape across the breeze spectrum, as the sailor actively trims and tunes.


MZX5 X-Cut Mainsail
Sailor weight: > 90lbs
Wind Range: 0-25 knots (All-Purpose)

MZX4 X-Cut Mainsail
Sailor weight: < 100 lbs
Wind Range: 0-25 knots (All-Purpose)

"The MZX5 points higher than any other sail on the market in medium to heavy breeze. It feels powerful with no sacrifice in pointing ability." -- Ben Rosenberg

A new crosscut design featuring a very forgiving shape allowing the sailor to focus on the big picture on the race course. The MZX5 has a powerful upper section that gives it the most "punch" of any sail on the market and it is easily de-powered as the breeze increases. The MZX5 is truly an all-purpose sail designed to give sailors an advantage in all conditions.

The MZX4 has been developed for lighter sailors and is a further development of the successful DZero6. Compared to the DZero6 the MZX4 is a little deeper overall but without such an aggressive take up in the base. A major difference is the increase in leech normal twist in the MZX4. This has produced a far more manageable sail in strong winds. The head angle has also been increased by 1 degree which has further helped the sail in stronger winds. In order to balance the increase in depth the section shapes have been adjusted to reduce back camber return in the leech in the lower three quarters of the sail. The result is a sail with a little more power in the light but with the ability to auto-depower in stronger winds.

MZX5 / MZX4 standard features:

  • Contender Polykote sailcloth
  • Mylar Window
  • Active Leech
  • IODA Button
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Number Installation (if sail # is provided)
  • Sail Ties

R1 Radial 
Sailor weight: 35-41kg / 77-90 lbs
Wind Range: 0-25 knots 
R2 Radial
Sailor weight: 40-46 kg / 88-100 lbs
Wind Range: 0-25 knots 
R4 Radial
Sailor weight: >45 kg / >100 lbs
Wind Range:0-25 knots 

The new Japanese designed radial cut R1, R2 & R4  have now been released! During the last year we have been working hard on developing these new designs and have run a lot of speed test sessions to set a goal for better pointing and acceleration. We have now finalized the 3 types of design based on the P4 which is our previous successful radial design. The design comes in 3 weight range versions and is now ready for release following very impressive testing results to confirm their better performance.

Mainsail standard features:

  • Contender 2.99 Polykote with Radial Construction
  • Mylar Window
  • Active Leech
  • IODA Button
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Number
  • Class measurement/certificate is not included but can be offered on request subject to an additional charge


The new Crossover mainsail is designed for the entry level sailors that want to be competitive but need a more forgiving sail. Choose the Crossover + for sailors weighting over 85 lbs.

The Crossover mainsails feature:

  • CrossCut Construction
  • Mylar Window
  • Active Leech
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Number Installation (at an extra charge)

>> Contact the  Optimist Experts for additional information and questions about our products.

Tuning your Optimist for Speed

We have put together a new Tuning Guide with COMPLETE instructions and pictures on how to set up your Optmist for racing. Many tips and tricks that will really help you to sail faster.. for beginners and also advanced sailors! Even the parents will find this guide easy to follow when helping their kids!

>> Download the North Tuning Guide

>> NEW! CZero5 / DZero6 Tuning Table

>> NEW! CZero5 / DZero6 Light Air Sprit Tuning

>> Guide to install sail numbers on your Optimist sail

Have a Question? Ask the Optimist Experts

Optimist Carry All Bag

Keep all your Optimist gear neat and tidy with this carry all bag.
  • Padded with closed cell foam to keep blades safe from getting dinged.
  • TheCarry-All bag comes with three separate compartments that store thedagger board, rudder and accessories. It comes padded to offeradditional protection for the foils, tiller and tiller extension.
    The bag is available in blue with a detachable shoulder strap.

  • Ventilated to allow wet gear to dry.
  • Padded carrying strap and handle.
  • Velcro closures will not corrode. A must have for your junior sailor.

Also available for the Optimist class:
  • Optimist Mast/Spar Bag
  • Optimist Hull Cover
  • Optimist Deck Cover

Contact the Optimist experts:

Tim Healy
(401) 683-7997 Work 
Zeke Horowitz
(203) 783-4241 Work 
Mike Marshall
(401) 965-0057 Work