© Chris Burville / ACEA

© Chris Burville / ACEA

Bermudian Community Sailing Programme - Endevour


High School / College Sail Line

North Sails One Design offers colleges and high schools around the country a complete line of sails made with the highest quality materials for ultimate durability and unlimited customization capabilities to attend the requirements of each school/team.



The North Blue Ribbon mainsail was designed by North Sails experts with performance and durability in mind. Given its universal design, it fits perfectly on FJ and 420 rigs. It is constructed out of North Sails exclusive 7.2 oz. NorDac, a proven cloth for ultimate durability without sacrificing performance on the race course.

Easy to trim and set up, the North Blue Ribbon mainsail will handle the high demand of high school/college sailing by holding its shape longer than any other sail on the market.

The North Blue Ribbon mainsails include:

  • Full top batten with adjustable compression plus 3 shorter RBS tapered battens sewn in ultra-smooth batten pockets
  • Floating tack for increased luff tension control
  • “Loose Foot” allows better shaping of the bottom of the sail
  • 4.5” Headboard and positive roach for better light air performance
  • Slug at Tack and Clew - No webbing to wear out, no shackles to lose
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech telltales
  • 12” sail numbers
  • Water resistant sail bag

Mainsail Add-on options:

  • Heavily reinforced X-ply vision window
  • Colored 24” sail numbers for Team Racing enhancement
  • Colored corner reinforcements for team racing enhancement
  • Graphics - Logos, letters, mascots



There is a North Blue Ribbon FJ jib and a North Blue Ribbon 420 jib. They are both made out of North Sails exclusive 7.2 oz. NorDac and developed for high usage and maximum durability.

A combination of performance and durability to meet the demands of high school/college sailing.

The North Blue Ribbon jibs include:

  • Heavily reinforced X-ply vision window
  • Plastic coated luff wire to prevent rust and burrs
  • Dacron leech flutter patches – Stiff triangular Dacron patches at the end of each seam to prevent leech flutter

Jib Add-on options:
  • Colored corner reinforcements for team racing enhancement
  • Epoxy leech battens for better shape and longer lasting leeches

North Blue Ribbon C-420 sails ARE NOT class legal for C-420 Class Association Events.
These sails have to be purchased by a C-420 Class approved builder.

Contact our Blue Ribbon Experts for additional information and questions about our products.
Contact the Blue Ribbon experts:
Alex Camet
(619) 226-1415 Work
(619) 224-7018 Fax
Zeke Horowitz
(941) 232-3984 Work
Will Welles
(401) 683-7997 Work

MIT Tech Dinghies with North Radian sails© Stu Johnstone
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