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W. Michigan Championship
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Cedar Lake Spring
Cedar Lake Icebreaker
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Nationals 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10

ILYA Championship 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10
W. Michigan Championship 1
WYA Championship 1
Cedar Lake Spring
Cedar Lake Icebreaker
Springfield Tune-Up


Nationals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

ILYA Championship 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9
Blue Chips

MIR Regatta
La Belle Tune Up 1,2
Springfield Tune Up 1,2,3,4,5


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ILYA Championship 1
ILYA Invitational1
WYA Championship 1
Western Michigans
Springfield Regatta 1

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I-1 Gold Mainsail
Wind Range: 0-20 knots

2015 National Champion!

Our light to medium C Scow main is ultra-fast in any condition. For the best combination of pointing ability and pure speed, the I-1 is far ahead of the competition.

While keeping the overall integrity of our highly successful I-1 Mainsail intact, we have made a few enhancements which will make the I-1 Gold tough to beat:

  • The broadseems have been smoothed out to make a smoother body
  • The head, clew and tack patches have been redesigned and reinforced to provide for more stability at the most critical points of the sail
  • We have added a little more depth to the overall shape to provide for more power which fast C Scow teams desire.

Specifically designed for ILYA racing and winds up to 20 knots. It features break-through design that incorporates increased fullness for power yet is controllable with increased velocity.

I-1 Gold mainsail includes:

  • Tapered battens
  • Choice of red, blue, black or green numbers
  • Enhanced vision window
  • Waterproof personalized sail bag
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech telltales
  • Class insignia
  • ILYA measurement number

Order Online or, contact the C Scow experts.

Harecut Mainsail
Wind Range: 0-15 / 15-25 knots

The Harecut has won more races in C Scow sailing than any other sail in history. With a flatter profile and a harder cloth than the I-1, the Harecut is the sail to have when the breeze is up. If you want to go fast in a breeze, or if you have light crew weight, the Harecut is the sail of choice.

The Harecut mainsail is designed for 15 knots of wind or more, especially when you need that extra gear in a big race. Great for two in medium conditions and a must for the big wind conditions. Also proven to be very fast in light variable, shifty, flat water conditions.

Harecut mainsail includes:

  • Tapered battens
  • Choice of red, blue, black or green numbers Enhanced vision window
  • Waterproof personalized sail bag
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech telltales
  • Class insignia
  • ILYA measurement number

Order Online or, contact the C Scow experts.

G137 Mainsail
Wind Range: 0-12 knots

The G-137 mainsail design is a proven winner in light air. Best in the 0-12 mph range the G-137 has been part of Jim Gluek’s arsenal for many racing seasons. Fast upwind and downwind – a great sail for your C scow inventory.

Made out of 165 HTP Square cloth with special attention to detail. The sail to have in light days!

Order Online or, contact the C Scow experts.

Tuning your C Scow for Speed

>> Download the updated  North C Scow Tuning Guide

For questions on tuning your C Scow, don't hesitate to contact our C Scow experts.

Sail Fast... Sail Smart!

Competitive Scow Boathandling 2-disk DVD-Rom                 A GREAT GIFT IDEA!


The newest addition to the Competitive Boathandling Series presented by Harken and North Sails is Competitive Scow Boathandling. This installment is unique among the series as it is a two-disk five boat video that features four of the most popular scows representing a cross-section of the scow racing world. In addition, there are special features that include content on the X-Boat junior trainer in addition to personal moments with Buddy Melges and other exciting footage demonstrating the awesome power of the Scow.  

This is a video for the entire family that offers over two hours of instructional content on the most exciting boats enjoyed by young and old among the inland lakes and coastal tributaries in the US. The topics covered include every facet of boathandling around the race course on the A-Scow, C-Scow, E-Scow and MC-Scow narrated by Harry Melges III, Eric Hood and Andy Burdick with special notes from Scow historian Thomas Hodgson.

In addition, disk two which includes special features such as the interview with Buddy and the X-Boat is a mixed-mode disk which operates as both a DVD for TV playback as well as a DVD-ROM for PC instruction.

Watch the trailer of the DVD

This set of 2 DVD-ROMs reviews every boat and sail handling situation for the A, C, E and MC scows with full-size video and text instruction in a versatile PC environment. Disk 2 offers bonus material that can be played in a television DVD player.

Minimum PC Requirements:

· Windows ME, 2000, or XP
· XGA monitor of resolution 1024x768 or better
· Internet Explorer 5 or 6 as default browser
· Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or higher (9 is provided on disks for optional installation)
· At least 128MB of RAM (256MB+ preferred)
· Processor speed of at least 600Mhz and Pentium III class or better (800Mhz+ preferred)
· DVD-ROM drive with rotation speed of at least 6x

IMPORTANT: There may be compatibility issues with Windows 7.

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