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Recent News
Cedar Point OD Regatta: J/70

J/70 Boat Handling with Vince Brun

San Diego, Spring 2015

J/70 - What we learned at the Annapolis NOOD

Skip Dieball Joins North Sails

Well-known Lake Erie sailor and sailmaker to continue working with local sailors and one design classes worldwide.

Jump Start Your Season - NS Annapolis Invites

Thursday, April 23 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm

VIDEO: How to Tension Full Length Battens

J/70 Gallery
2015 NOOD Annapolis
Helly Hansen NOOD San Diego
North Sails Panel Discussion
© North Sails, LLC
Helly Hansen NOOD San Diego
Congratulations Team Bliss!
© North Sails, LLC
2015 Miami Bacardi Sailing Week
Congratulations Team Bruschetta, winner of the North Sails Boat of the Week award!
© North Sails, LLC

Photo Chris Howell

Photo Chris Howell

Photo Chris Howell


J/70 Sails - North Sails is the leader in one design sailmaking. On this page, you will find information about our complete line of J/70 sail models, J/70 tuning advice and J/70 news and results from the race course.

North Sails new J70 One Design Class Racing sails represent the leading edge of sail performance and are a result of North Sails unmatched design and manufacturing technology. For this new class, we have utilized our advanced North Design Suite of software to accurately model the aerodynamic flow, sail loads and rig geometry of the J70. This process has allowed to us create refined designs straight out of the box that are perfectly matched to the Southern Spars Carbon mast. The new J70 sails are also made from the revolutionary new North  Radian™ sailcloth. Radian™ sailcloth uses a unique (patent pending) process to create the world’s first warp-oriented woven polyester to harness the power and low-stretch of radial construction.

J/70 Tuning articles, videos and tips

Learn more about the North Sails J/70 sail development

J/70 Radian Race Mainsail

#1 2014 Worlds!
1,2,3 North Americans!

The North J/70 Radian Race Mainsail comes standard with:

  • North's exclusive NorDac Radian Olympic Finish
  • Radial panel layout
  • Square top head with gaff batten
  • Optimized head angle and roach profile
  • Luff curve and camber designed for class carbon fiber spar
  • 2 Full length battens  How to tension battens?
  • 2 Leech battens
  • Loose foot
  • Radial teardrop patches
  • Spreader chafe patch
  • Trim stripes
  • Leech telltales
  • Class insignia
  • Adjustable leech and foot cords
  • Roll bag

J/70 Radian Race Jib

1,2,3 2014 Worlds!
1,2,3 2014 North Americans!

The North J/70 Radian Race Jib comes standard with:

  • North's exclusive NorDac Radian Olympic Finish sail cloth
  • Radial panel layout
  • Optimized leech profile
  • Designed for roller furling
  • Vertical leech battens
  • Trim stripes
  • Luff and leech telltales
  • Adjustable leech and foot cords
  • Roll bag

J/70 Asymmetrical Race Spinnaker

1,2,3 2014 Worlds!
1,2,3 2014 North Americans!

The North J/70 Asymmetrical Spinnaker comes standard with:

  • Contender Dynakote 75 spinnaker cloth
  • Luff rope
  • Adjustable leech and foot cords
  • Sail bag

>> J/70 Tuning articles and tips

>> Contact the J/70 Experts for additional information and questions about our products.

>> Looking for J/70 Covers / Canvas Products? Visit the North Sails Gear Store.

The all new J/70 represents one of the most exciting developments in sailing to come along in years. An affordable sport boat made by one of the best names in the boat building industry the J/70 is sure to be a class for the ages.

At North Sails we are excited to help J/Boats to get the class going by offering high quality performance  sails as part of the initial package for the boat. We have worked very closely with Southern Spars and J/Boats to develop a set of sails that will deliver top performance, ease of use and longevity. Using the North Design Suite (NDS) we have modeled and flown the sails on a loaded sailplan to simulate actual sailing conditions. By running iteration after iteration we have been able to fine tune the design of these sails. 

The main and jib are made from a new, cutting edge material called Radian™. This is a warp oriented, patented, polyester material with its strength in the long direction making it perfect for radial sails. Radial sails align the load in the sail more accurately with the cloth orientation and make a lower stretch and longer lasting sail. Until the creation of this sailcloth it was very difficult, if not impossible, to use this type of construction in a polyester sail.  The new J/70 will be the first large class to take advantage of this technology.

The drawings are screen shots of some of the modeling that has been done to develop the sails for this exciting new boat. The whole network of North lofts around the country and eventually the world looks forward to working with the J/Boat network to bring this exciting new boat to the forefront of sailing.


Tuning your J/70 for Speed

>> Download the North J/70 Tuning Guide

>> VIDEO: How to Tension Full Length Battens

>> Tuning Article  - 2014 Worlds Notes

>> Tuning Article  - Jib Trim Technique by Will Welles

>> Tuning Article  - 2014 Key West Race Week by Tim Healy

>> Tuning Article  - 2013 Charleston Race Week by Tim Healy

>> Tuning Article  - 2013 Key West Race Week by Tim Healy

J/70 Boat Handling Tuning Videos with Tim Healy:

If you can't see the video above, click here to open on YouTube)

If you can't see the video above, click here to open on YouTube)

If you can't see the video above, click here to open on YouTube)

Have a Question? Ask the J/70 Experts

Contact the J70 experts:

Geoff Becker
(410) 280-3617 Work 
Vince Brun
(619) 226-1415 Work
(619) 251-1737 Mobile
(619) 224-7018 Fax 
Alex Camet
(619) 226-1415 Work
(619) 224-7018 Fax 
Skip Dieball
(419) 392-4411 Work 
Eric Doyle
(619) 226-1415 Work 
Tim Healy
(401) 683-7997 Work 
Steve Pickel
(410) 280-3617 Work 
Max Skelley
(410) 271-4282 Work 
Chris Snow
(619) 226-1415 Work
(619) 224-7018 Fax 
Will Welles
(401) 683-7997 Work